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Thursday, March 10, 2011

bukak pekong didada!

hoho! salam satu malaysia!

i think i am almost near to crazy and be more crazier that i post this entry while i need to finished up my dissertation before tomorrow. hey! can you imagine my level of craziness? huhu~ no need to i guess. you just read my sampah English right now.  eh, now i need your imagination. imagine that i wrote my dissertation using this sampah hampeh English.

oh. tips, if you going to be crazy, you need to drag people surrounding you become crazy as you. in my case, i think (see i frequently repeat same words!!) i will drag my lecturer and my second examiner at least they get headache reading my dissertation and of cause it will give huge impact to my final result!! waaa~

I need help! seriously!!! please check my dissertation now before I submit it to my supervisor!!! aigooo!!!!

p/s: English man i'm sorry broken your lovely language. (gile weh english camni!!!)

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